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Take a stand by dressing your infants as Jotaro and Dio

Japanator writes: "If you have been meaning to get your babies to grow into a muscular adult with the tendency to pose fabulously, Lucky Lands Communication has created their own line of Jojo baby items that will aid you in your bizarre baby raising adventures. In fact, you can teach your kids the importance of rivalry by having them wear a romper of Jotaro and Dio, which can be accompanied with an "ORA ORA ORA ORA" or "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA" bib.

In case you are not interested in recreating Stardust Crusader's glorious finale, you can awaken your baby's stand with a bib of Harvest, Killer Queens, King Crimson, and/or Sex Pistols. And to those parents who refuse to have their kids form a rivalry and/or stand, the option of getting them a bib of the Trattoria Trussardi restaurant is available as well."

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