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Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds (Blu-ray) Review | Marooners' Rock

Ahmed writes:

"One of the things that often happen with popular anime, particularly of the shonen (boys) action variety is that they end up with lots of movies. These are usually not considered canon, and often have a self-contained story that has no bearing on the series’ main plot. The wildly popular Naruto franchise already had 3 movies before becoming Naruto Shippuden, and this is the second movie of that series… so technically it’s movie 5, but also movie 2. Anyway, let’s dig in and see how it goes."

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TheHergulaX2994d ago

Nice review, enjoyable read.

aDDicteD2993d ago

I've watched this one and it was good as a naruto movie. For me it's a one time watch.