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I Like It Hard - Why I Still Love Manga in Print

“Why yes, I love the smell of freshly printed manga in the morning.”

"While buying the latest English volumes of Blue Exorcist and Attack on Titan recently, some thoughts resurfaced on why I still prefer print manga. With JManga biting the dust, people are wondering about the future of manga digitally. To tell you the truth, print is still the primary focus for the manga market overall and a preference that I still love for reasons I’m about to get into below."

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Saviior953002d ago

Loving the Pun in the title!

P.S Great article :L

Saviior953002d ago

I liked it that much I decided to write an article about why i believe people still collect anime and other media when it is all available online :)

wishingW3L3002d ago

why is manga in black & white? Man it's sooo hard to read! Specially action manga when there's a lot of lines trying to show fast motion and it gets really confusing. There are many instances when I keep seeing a panel for minutes but I can't still figure out what it wants to convey.

frjoethesecond3002d ago

It's far more economical to draw it and not colour it after. It also drastically increases the interest people have in anime adaptations of a manga. I personally prefer when the majority is black and white with the odd colour page to show you what characters, attacks etc. look like.

CrescentFang3001d ago

One of the things I like about black & white only is how creative some mangaka get while drawing. Some limits may actually improve on certain aspects.

Flavor3001d ago

I love manga in print but we have to accept that print is not going to be around in the future. It just cannot compete with digital.

It will still carry on as a niche market for collectors and fanatics, but for the masses, print will be unnecessary. In the developed industrial nations, print is already dying.

MangaTherapy3001d ago

Yeah, the only realistic future I see is for a niche market. Though niches can stand out once in a while. People just love nostalgia.

If everything becomes digital, then so be it. I just think if there's an opportunity to get a print volume of a manga you really like and it's in your language (or you know Japanese), you should get it.

TheHergulaX3001d ago

I clicked because of the pun, read the article cuz it was fun and now Im off for a run... seeya