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Top 10 Anime Films Every Fan Should See

Savanna Smith: ''Everyone has their own story to tell about what their gateway into anime was. As for me, it was anime films. If you think about it, anime films are the most widely accepted and appreciated animated form of Japanese art. Some lucky films even manage to make it to theatres across shores. Though, that is only a small portion, thanks to Disney. Most anime fans are much more aware of the other tens of quality films that get released in Japan every year. So what are the essentials? I'm referring to the films that you need to see to truly appreciate the world of anime, and the ones that definitely help you to have something to reference or to prove you know your stuff.''

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TheHergulaX2987d ago

Excellent list and I agree with it completely.

blitzburns42987d ago

These are all good titles, but I honestly believe Ninja Scroll should have somehow been incorporated into the list.

Simon_Brezhnev2987d ago

I have to agree that got me to really like anime.

aDDicteD2984d ago

I'm interested on the "Grave of the fireflies" not only it's no.1 on this list but it story synopsis look interesting plus it's a war film. too bad I haven't watch it yet.