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How to Adapt a Video-Game into Anime starring Devil Survivor 2 - Anime Say!

Luke Halliday writes:

"This week on Anime Say! I discuss what makes a good video-game adaptation and how one should be done. I also gives my impressions on Devil Survivor 2 as well as why I felt that Persona 4 failed. How do you a good video-game adaptation? Watch below to find out."

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Subby2990d ago

Still need to finish P4 anime, haven't played the game so it felt like an empty show. Will continue someday.

masterabbott2990d ago

I actually enjoyed P4 Anime as i played the game and it was well done, if u've played the game u will enjoy the anime, even though its pace is a little quick i think they only did this so they could finish it one season and not drag it out to two.

futurefrog2990d ago

I think you are right masterabbot, it seems that if you havent played the game it is a hard series to understand as its really made for the fans of that game wouldn't you say?

masterabbott2990d ago

Yes frog, that is true .. its pace is very quick and if u dont know anything about the game or characters u will have no clue on what's going on.

militissanctus2990d ago

Very well put! Who likes an anime where the character has no relatability? Sounds like Devil Survivor 2 is pretty good.

discordman2990d ago

I think this anime is a Survivor, It's not gon' give up, It's not gon' stop, Its gon work harder. It's a survivor, It's gonna make it, It will survive. Keep on survivin'