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Toonami Speeches: How Tom’s And Moltar’s Words Of Wisdom Inspire Us Today

"Since March 17 1997 Toonami has been one of the most watched cartoon blocks in America, that gave a variety of action shows both anime and Japanese Anime. For many years Toonami brought legions of kids who would run home after school to watch some of the most spectacular animated action shows ever to hit Cartoonnetwork. Growing up as a kid I would be one of those among that legion that would run home after school to watch Toonami. All I could think of as soon as soon the final rang was what was going to happen on the next episode of Dragonballz or what was going to happen in the next episode of Gundam Wing? Though Toonami had alot of Epic action shows which provided hours and a variety of entertainment. To those of you reading this and do not know a lot about Toonami and think it is just another action show cartoon block well your in a surprise! For those of you who did grow up watching Toonami and still to this day watch it on Saturday night on Adult Swim prepare for some nost...

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