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If Aku No Hana’s Manga Looked Like The Anime...

Research institute, 2ch, has questioned the results of synthesizing the anime’s take on Aku no Hana’s heroine with the manga’s much more palatable version – thereby leading to image specimens for comparison.

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Shadonic3159d ago

Yea they should of went with the usual anime style. That disturbed me.

yaz2883158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

"That disturbed me."

that's actually why I liked it. I was actually waiting till it finish but the level of crap that the show got made it an instant watch.

I actually love that this anime is doing something different+ the mature and dark vibe..

Shadonic3158d ago

That pic with her sticking her tongue out : ( I still believe it can be a great show I just don't like that quality of retro-scoping .

yaz2883158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

I don't know what this retro-scoping thing that everybody is babbling about now.. and so I went to google and found this.

I don't mind how the the frames are moving (this lag or twitch between each motion .. ) however I am little annoyed with voice sync. it doesn't match the lips. (the anime)

Saviior953159d ago

Its amazing how depressed they can look even when happy :)