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Aku No Hana’s Horrible Nightmare Continues

SeventhStyle: ''Aku no Hana’s brilliantly disastrous rotoscoping continues into the second episode – the one of a kind artwork does well to introduce a different experience than that of the manga, one of immense laughter and hilarity.''

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deep_fried_bum_cake3159d ago

No one who draws characters like that can try and pass themselves off as a professional artist. I see some people saying that it is realistic but honestly (and I mean no offence by this) it is only realistic if everyone in Japan has Downs Syndrome.

Deadpool6163158d ago

You do realize they're using rotoscoping in the anime, yes? They're just animating over the actual actors. Granted, they are doing a horrible job at it, those are actual people.

On another note, I also think it's rather tasteless that you would even use Down Syndrome to describe something in a poor manner. Have some class.