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Aku no Hana – Why Different Isn’t Always Good

Luke Halliday writes:

"The long-awaited premiere of the anime adaptation of Shuzo Oshimi’s dark romance manga Aku no Hana (The Flowers of Evil) has been marred in controversy. Many fans of the manga as well as the uninitiated caught a brief glimpse of the Aku no Hana through a surprisingly reserved trailer which didn’t happen to feature any actual footage of the anime itself in action. This raised some alarms, but it was the studio’s refusal to disclose character designs that was most concerning. It’s now clear why. Aku no Hana is very different – the worst kind of different – the bad kind."

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futurefrog2984d ago

This was simply a very bad anime, depressingly so.

koga882984d ago

I've never read the manga myself, which is probably a bit of a disservice, but I absolutely cannot stand the way that this series looks. I know visuals don't always equal quality in storytelling, there is a point where something can be so terrible looking it will drive people away from it.

Sure there is something to be said for trying something different, but as said in the article, different isn't always better. In this case, while the series wouldn't be talked about quite as much, it would likely sell far better and be more popular if it at least tried to appear similar to the manga in some way. I don't think this series was picked up for Western release and looking like it does, I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to touch this thing with a ten foot pole.

futurefrog2984d ago

The manga is brilliant, this anime does not even resemble the source material in any way, the story is barely the same, all emotion and susbtance is gone though. Its sad.

koga882984d ago

To be honest, even if the story was great I'd probably still sit it out. It seems there is a major "art for art's sake" feel to the series that simply is trying to be strange for no reason. While Rotoscoping could work, the characters in the series from all of the images I've seen are nothing more than blobs with horrible looking faces with no definition whatsoever and the noses are something that will fuel nightmares.

yaz2882984d ago

this anime have potential to be something. I can definitely say after watching the first ep. It wasn't actually as bad as people have made it to be and there is only 1 episode! and some already concluded that its going to be shit?

Reading the hate about moe after this anime is going to be funny.

Baka-akaB2983d ago

There are good reason people can already tell it will be awful . To begin with there is a source material , a manga to compare with , and so far it's abysmal in every regards .

And on its own and for newcomers it doesnt look good either

Deadpool6162983d ago

In other words, it's a disservice to the manga/fans, for the anime not to look like the manga.

PS4isKing_822983d ago

This is quite possibly the worst anime I've ever layed eyes on.

Deadpool6162983d ago

I don't know anything about this manga, or anime, but here's my two cents on the subject.

If they were just going to rotoscope the entire show, why didn't they just make it an live action adaptation? People expect the manga that they've read to look like the anime. Not as an experimental artsy medium to display a new vision. People just want to see the manga that they've read move. Imagine if Dragon Ball Z, or another loved anime was turned into a rotoscoped anime like this one. It would be unacceptable to the fan base. So I can see where the hate is coming from.

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