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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Memory of Eden - First Teaser Video Released

The Hergula: The upcoming “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Memory of Eden” is a compilation of the “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE” television series with focus on the characters Asemu Asuno and Zeheart Galette. AnimeNewsNetwork wrote over a month ago that the upcoming “Memory of Eden” project will add over an hour worth of additional material, around a 1,000 new cuts that will be directed by Susumu Yamaguchi. Recently the first preview teaser was released that can be seen down below.

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TheHergulaX2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

While I already expressed my feelings about AGE, previously in another post, I do have to say that the idea that it is just a compilation with added footage, made me happy. The rumors were that it was going to be a film or something along those lines, yet to get more footage for the most exciting generation in AGE, is just phenomenal.

Not only that but this teaser is enough to make me want to see the added footage, Im definitely going to get my hands on that blu-ray.

Baka-akaB2985d ago

I wasnt worried , there is always at least one movie recap per gundam serie . it's a bad moment and storm , it shall pass and then we will move on soon enough to potentially good again gundam animes

TheHergulaX2984d ago

I feel the same way, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Gundam Unicorn are great shows, yet then AGE was made which was rather mediocre, not terrible though but it doesnt hold a candle to the best Gundam Shows. Hopefully they will soon announce the next Gundam television series.

It will most likely be the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin (Re-telling of the original MSG w/ Amuro and Char)