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Spring 2013 Anime Early Impressions – Surprises Everywhere

Anime Viking writes:

"Who thought a Devil King working at a fast-food chain would end up hilarious? Or what about Attack on Titan managing to live up to its expectations? And let us not forget the massive hatred towards the anime adaptation of Aku no Hana!

Certainly I cannot be the only surprised one, can I?"

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Qrphe2646d ago

I haven't followed an ongoing Anime since 2008 but this year I'm actually following two (The Flowers of Evil and Attack on Titan) because I was really captivated from what they've shown so far. I'll have to check out Gargantia since mecha is where my biggest interests in Anime always lie.

Zichu2646d ago

I tend to wait till a new series is finished. I don't like following so many different anime series because I will tend to get mixed up.

I'm only currently watching One Piece that is ongoing. The rest are series that have finished. This gives me a chance to get through series without getting confused lol.