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Interview with Mamoru Hosoda director of Wolf Children | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"Studio Chizu’s award winning animated film Wolf Children is screening throughout Australia this month. Thanks to Madman Entertainment and the Japan Foundation I was able to sit down with the director of Wolf Children himself Mamoru Hosoda to discuss the film itself, his thoughts on film-making, Studio Chizu, what he would like to adapt into a film and much more. Read on for our interview with this remarkable film-maker."

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masterabbott2985d ago

Very interesting interview Mamoru Hosoda he is a legend! love his work.

futurefrog2985d ago

It is interesting what he says about youth and the way it effects our lives. Also did he just hint at doing a Hunter x HUnter film!?

Saviior952985d ago

I love this guys work, TGWLTT was one of my favourites and I recently watched Summer Wars and loved it to bits :D

futurefrog2985d ago

he is amazing wouldn't you say? All his films are great. This interview was awesome what do you think?

Saviior952985d ago

I thought it was great!

How all of his works have a sort of science behind the concept makes me happy :)

I cannot wait for his future titles, I have yet to watch Wolf Children but ill be watching it soon, got alot of different shows and movies on the go :)

yaz2882985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

this guy made tgwtt and Summer wars?! after that fact, Wolf Children have become an instant watch. God I know there was something about this film.

SW was so unbelievably good! I loved it to death!!!

badboy992985d ago

he also did digimon movie

badboy992985d ago

yeah heaps good interview ay

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