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Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwos Reawakening - New Trailer

Today’s episode of Oha Suta has brought us something super awesome: A new trailer for the move Extremespeed Genesect: Mewtwos Reawakening and, damn, it’s a good one. The trailer gives us our first glimpse at the new Mewtwo form in action and shows us a bit more of what’s to come in the movie, not only has it shown us Genesects and a Mewtwo but the trailer also shows a bunch of old-school Pokemon that, personally, I’m heaps excited to see doing some good in the movie.

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FelixSupernova2980d ago

You know what, new Mewtwo looks rad. I loved the old look back in the day but the tweaking of the character works. I think the balance between the old aesthetic and the new was played pretty well.

F-Inglese-942980d ago

He's smaller, more compact, like a pocket rocket! :D

koga882980d ago

Is that Mewtwo form supposed to be the third form of Frieza? So it evolves into having a bigger brain and a smaller body? Guess that works somewhat for a psychic pokemon but weird design choice.

F-Inglese-942980d ago

It's a bit weird, yeah, but I have to say I'm starting to like it more and more each day.

futurefrog2980d ago

the extreme speed of genesect does not impress me to be honest

F-Inglese-942980d ago

Newtwo is the star here, froggy, genesect aint got shit on him

mamotte2979d ago

It's, in the end, just a shiny genesect.

M-M2980d ago

Genesect doesn't even look like a legendary Pokemon to me.

arjman2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

A top of the food chain hunter millions of years ago is resurrected using advanced technology and is cybernetically augmented with a metal-compound for it's exoskeleton and a cannon of doom. It's sole purpose? To be one of the most powerful pokemon in existence. Does it succeed in being the most powerful? No. Does it have a badass back story? Yes.

Genesect is badass in it's own right.

nato252980d ago

Mewtwo just looks wierd all round in this film, I think he looked better in the first movie. Maybe when he gets his epic english voice it will change my mind.