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Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ants Arc Trailer

Following a recent slew of news, NTV has released their first trailer for the much anticipated Chimera Ants arc of Hunter x Hunter. The trailer which can be seen below features a number of characters and locations that would look familiar to fans of the manga.

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F-Inglese-942980d ago

Never seen HunterXHunter but this looks cool! :D

futurefrog2980d ago

you should watch it dude its awesome

badboy992980d ago

he is a narutard that is why he wont watch it

Jeenoman2979d ago

I'm a Narutard as well but the new Hunter x Hunter is just as awesome ha.

But I like a s*** ton of anime...

futurefrog2980d ago

It looks like there will be a bit of filler but that is good since we dont want the anime to catch up to manga lol (im in denial)

F-Inglese-942980d ago

As long as the filler isn't a cop-out then that's alright

badboy992980d ago Show
F-Inglese-942980d ago

Easy man. I'm just saying Shonen jumps anime tend to put in shitty filler, I never said THIS would be one of them.