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Nichijou - My Ordinary Life Collection 1 Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"Nichijou – My Ordinary Life is one of those special anime gems that come along once in a blue moon. It claims to be ordinary but believe you me this series is anything but. While it falls under the slice of life genre it really deserves its own sub genre – slice of extraordinary life. This is an anime series that revels in the absurdity it indulges itself with all the while treating its bizarre happenings as ordinary. That in and of itself is part of what makes Nichijou so damn fun – the weird is normal and the normal is weird - Nichijou is genius."

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Subby2669d ago

Although I felt my attention slipping in the 2nd half, was good fun all round. A lot of love went into making it.

futurefrog2669d ago

this is a review of the first half. I agree much love went into this

amaguli2669d ago

Nichijou was such a great show, one of my favorite slice of life series.

futurefrog2669d ago

you said it best amaguli it is amazing show