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“Flowers of Evil” Anime Licensed By Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks is gearing up for a “corrupt pure-love story” now that it’s acquired the license to the “Flowers of Evil” or “Aku No Hana” anime. The series, which will run for 13 episodes, is due out soon and you can get your fill of it through select Digital outlets if you can’t wait for the home video release that’ll be coming out later this year.

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Flavor2639d ago

If you do not like it, there is plenty of anime for you to watch, with 'safe', 'mainstream' character designs and animation.

Y'know, Like that show where they get into fights and grow stronger. Or that show with the teenage girls in costumes. Or the one where kids have magical powers. You know, those shows?

It's different and it is not for everyone, especially kids and people with short attention spans. Or people who only watch shonen/cutegirl anime.

The music and pacing is refreshing, and the fluid, real-yet-unreal and creepy animation fits the story perfectly.

koga882639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

I've never EVER seen people try to defend an anime series so hard. Every time someone even has a slight criticism about how terrible the show looks and the numerous issues it has, they always try to say "oh at least it's different" or simply "moefag." Just because something is different does not automatically make it the greatest thing ever. This is like the "indie" version of games where everyone tries so hard to defend something so clearly flawed.

I've seen the series so far all the way to episode 3 and it is just pathetic looking. Half of the rotoscoping looks like it was done with MS Paint and the faces of the characters are so deformed looking and unnatural that I'd rather watch a series with nendoroids levels of deformation than something like this.

Baka-akaB2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

This is ridiculous . What's with the pretense that suddenly the artstyle from the anime is transforming aku no hana into a masterpiece and unique show ?

If aku no hana is that transcending , then it would still be with the artstyle from the manga .

PS : i actually like the manga , i am just baffled but pseudo elitist that couldnt give a crap about it coming out of the woodwork , because they couldnt bother to search and find something actually more unique and refreshing .

And people have a right to enjoy the anime version if they . They dont just have to be that smug , condescending about regular artstyle , even more so if they usually enjoy what they are currently crapping upon .

coaidant2640d ago

wtf is wrong with their faces!?

F-Inglese-942640d ago

That crap is called rotoscoping. Not looking good aye?

The Great Melon2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Nothing. Rotoscoping is just showing us that people in real life don't have perfect faces. Makes you wonder how we can watch live action movies with real people without complaining. =P

militissanctus2640d ago

...that's just nasty looking

masterabbott2640d ago

this is not normal! looks like pathetic animes always get move love.

F-Inglese-942640d ago

It's a mystery why though

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