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Pokemon Rumble U's eShop Promo

Frank Inglese Writes:

Only recently the Nintendo 3DS eShop (Japanese) began streaming a trailer for the newest Pokemon game to be released which is Pokemon Rumble U. The latest in the Pokemon Rumble series Pokemon Rumble U will be set for release on the Wii U and will be the first Pokemon game to be released on the new console.

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masterabbott2978d ago

Pokemon Rumble U !! this is going to be epic! Cant wait to see more.

KBug932977d ago

Can't wait, looks awesome. Like Skylanders only better, because of Pokemon.

futurefrog2977d ago

RUmble like a Pokemon baby

coolbeans2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

"The game will cost 1,800 yen or about US$18. The physical Capsule Toys will be distributed nationwide to all the different Pokemon Centers and they will go for 200yen or about US$2 each."

Given how many Pokemon figures can be produced in the future, that's a lot of money to be lost from 'catching them all.'

F-Inglese-942977d ago

I think $2 is fair. They're only really small and I mean I'd rather buy them then fork out $15 or $20 each for a skylanders one.

coolbeans2977d ago

Sheesh...if such is the case with the Skylanders example, that game/toy combo is probably analogous to a cheap printer with expensive ink refills.

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