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Children Who Chase Lost Voices Blu-Ray Review | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"It is only on a rare occasion that a true masterpiece of a film comes along. Makoto Shinkai’s anime epic Children Who Chase Lost Voices is one of those rare gems. After we reviewed the film at last year’s REEL Anime festival, I was left with one question – How do you top this?

After watching this film for a second time now, I am still at loss as to the answer to that question. This is an incredible film in all regards, a truly thoughtful tale spun with purpose and heart. Children Who Chase Lost Voices is the height of more than a decade of work and it honestly feels like Shinkai’s magnum opus.

The journey that Shinkai takes us on with Children Who Chase Lost Voices is unforgettable, touching, heart-breaking, honest, captivating and beautiful in ways that words just can’t describe. Once you say ‘Hello’ to this film, you’ll never want to say ‘Goodbye’."

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futurefrog3195d ago

A beautiful film I gotta say

masterabbott3194d ago

agreed, this is one of the best anime's ive seen in a very long time a 10/10 is well worth it.

F-Inglese-943195d ago

On the watch list for sure!

KBug933195d ago

Looks interesting, definitely have to check it out.

futurefrog3195d ago

you must man its awesome

F-Inglese-943195d ago

Man, I love the art style, it's seriously looking awesome. Top review btw

coaidant3194d ago

Wow better check this one out