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Poll Ranks Best Light Novel To Anime Adaptations

Crunchyroll: ''Some of the best anime of recent years are adaptations from light novels. A bunch of Japanese anime fans ranked the 25 best of the best on Japan’s favorite polling site, Biglobe, and decided once and for all, which anime adapted from a light novel is the best. The winner? Not a shock.''

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EastMeetsWestEnt2972d ago

I was quite surprised to see Sword Art Online get the top spot, albeit it was a top notch anime, but it did have its downfalls. I'd of put Haruhi in first in my opinion, but I think it's down to the quality of the light novels. The quality of the Haruhi novels are really good whilst the Sword art novels are a bit touch and go.

Nonetheless its good to see Kokoro Connect, Hyouka and Accel world ranking high.