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Valvrave the Liberator Impressions

Valvrave the Liberator is Sunrise's latest original mecha series. How does it compare to some of their other big titles? See what writer Laevatein has to say.

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Hergula2404d ago

Nice read, and very enjoyable, Ill give the writer that. But I did have a problem with the writer being very condescending towards the show, jumping to conclusions and talking badly about an anime while only few episodes have been aired. Now I can definitely understand it because it is "Impressions", yet somehow it feels like the writer is not giving the show any real props besides visually looking good.

Also, I think that the reason Valvrave is not a part of the Gundam Universe is because Sunrise wants to start a completely new series because Gundam fans are very strict and picky when it comes to any Gundam Show. Yet more people will be open minded for Valvrave as it is a completely new start to a mecha anime.

Simon_Brezhnev2403d ago

Sunrise does a lot of mechas shows that are not part of the Gundam. They usually do the best mecha shows. Gundam Age was trash dropped it pretty quick. Gundam Unicorn is good though i just hate waiting like a year for an episode.

I'm not sure how many anime you saw but most people drop anime between 3-5 episodes.

Hergula2403d ago

Gundam AGE wouldve been decent, would it not been apart of the Gundam universe, but the childish theme and the overall plot twists and the storyline, were mediocre at best, so I agree with you. Gundam Unicorn is a phenomenal series, but I do agree, waiting for an episode is killing me, I can´t wait.

I personally watch small snippets here and there to first determine if it will be worth the watch, and after I commit to an anime, I usually see it through and what the whole thing, yet it all depends on the amount of episodes it has. If it is a 12 episode anime, Ill watch all of it, even if it is not that good, but 25+, I may drop after 5-10 episodes.

Simon_Brezhnev2403d ago

Well if has 12 episodes i decide after 3 episodes. Right now im really about to drop Date A Live. I cant stand his fake little sister and the simulation dating crap as in them telling them the choices.

I seen so many anime its hard for me to be committed like i use to be.

Hergula2403d ago

I can understand that, to each their own I guess.