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Evangelion 3.0 Knows That the Reset Button is a Bunch of Bullcrap

Apparently, a lot of hate for the new Eva movie comes from the fact that the movie essentially pressed the reset button after the end of the second movie and threw away certain plot elements and stuff that were established beforehand. This isn’t really a surprise to me given that even before it came out, I knew that the script for the movie had been rewritten numerous times before and after the second movie came out (in fact, the second movie and Evangelion as a whole are the product of a bunch of rewrites) and I knew that the chances of seeing the scenes from that initial Eva Q preview were nil. I was also aware of that time skip thing due to accidentally glancing at the MAL summary (why?) when I went there to see what was up. Yeah, that time skip. That’s pretty much the reset button that apparently got pressed in the audience’s mind. What do I say to that? Bollocks. And I’m not even English (Mr. Flawfinder)

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