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Attack on Titan and Gargantia On The Verduous Planet: Big Things

Titanic. Gargantuan. The two biggest shows of the spring 2013 season could hardly have more fitting titles. Both have easily succeeded at living up to their substantial hype thus far. As the most talked about series of the season (barring perhaps the controversial Flowers of Evil), I feel like any post that I make about either one at this point would be token at best – I have little to say about either show that has not already been said. I’d rather not rehash the praises of both shows’ gorgeous animation and unique settings, or Titan’s spiderman gear and potato girls, or Gargantia’s Sugitabot/lesbian lobster pirates. While I have do have my complaints about each show – for example, neither has really won me over with its characters for the most part, and the writing in each has been merely competent rather than anything extraordinary – I’d rather not dwell on those lest I belie the fact that these are my second and third favorite anime of the spring so far and are overall very good shows well worth a watch. So I’ve decided to instead put forth a comparison of these big series’ biggest defining qualities – their Big Things. (Bokusatchii)

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