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Why Dynasty Warriors Games Are Perfect for Non-Gamers

Kotaku: ''The first time I saw a Dynasty Warriors game, it was when I walked into the TV room of my high school dorm.

I had left my PS2 out for the others in the dorm to play (loaded with Final Fantasy X) and was surprised to see a friend playing Dynasty Warriors 2 instead. It looked fun, but I didn’t really feel like playing it alone so I never really got into it.''

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TheHergulaX2972d ago

I personally love Dynasty Warriors franchise, yet while many may feel that the series has run its course, I feel that it is fun for a casual gamer but also has enough to keep a hardcore gamer busy. It is both exciting, yet a game that I would classify as being very "chill" to play.

Anyways, as long as Zhao Yun, Gan Ning, Liu Bei and several others I like to play as are returning in the future games, You can bet your ass I´ll be buying and playing them. And they will most likely return, meaning I will always play the DW series.