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Off The Deep End: The Swimming Anime

Pixcelation: ''Do you like boys? Do you like wet boys? Well pucker up peaches, this is an article about the Swimming anime. If you already know what I am talking about, you’re part of the problem.''

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uuaschbaer2657d ago

Heh, it's actually tagged "Humor/Satire." For a minute my hope for my generation plummeted.

ExCest2657d ago


When I learned that, I laughed. BUT, it does make sense that KyoAni is making it since there was a fanbase for that "demo".

blitzburns42657d ago

This just goes to show how powerful the individual is in this industry and why it is so important to support the anime you love. Buying Boxed Sets, watching the shows legally on Hulu, voicing one's support of an anime to others, (Via reviews, forums) ect.

I'm glad this show is being made, I hope it all goes well and will act as an example going into the future.