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The Art of Dragon’s Crown is Perfectly Fine – Please Stop Being Paranoid

A group of internet pundits lashed out at Dragon's Crown art style, defining it overdone, dull and a symbol of sexism in the industry.

Giuseppe Nelva of discusses their arguments in this opinion piece.

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kingPoS2969d ago

Art is art - #dealwithit

coolbeans2968d ago

Does that mean we can't discuss whether any art may be in poor taste?

kingPoS2967d ago

Everyone seems to be jumping over the the moon over the way the witch is depicted. And yes, I get that she's um... rather obvious in her proportions. (heh heh) All I'm trying to say is that Dragon's Crown's art style is like a breath of fresh air. So if a character happens to be more - buoyant than normal, I can dealwithit. (with a grin) lol

coolbeans2967d ago

Eh...I don't know about a breath of fresh air. Given how many other games have stretched women's proportions, just giving a sorceress ones big enough to have a mind of their own is sort of a stale idea already.

I mean...I understand there's an intention for it already explained by the Vanillaware designer, but it's still a trite aesthetic choice.

kingPoS2967d ago (Edited 2967d ago )

The 2D.5 art style of the whole game in general - I like it.
The witch's proportions are just extra.