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Black Rock Shooter: The Game Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Black Rock Shooter probably has the strangest origin story. It originally began as a drawing on the Japanese website Pixiv by a Hatsune Miku fan, which spawned the song Black Rock Shooter which in turn allowed an OVA, multiple manga series and even a full anime series to be created using the character. Now after some delay, NIS America has brought Black Rock Shooter: The Game, a PSP title released in Japan in 2011. Being the first ever Black Rock Shooter release to ever come to North America, was Black Rock Shooter: The Game worth the wait?"

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Subby3315d ago

Didn't expect better from Imagepooch, glad the combat is at least good though.

F-Inglese-943315d ago

Interesting, though not my cup o' tea

Saviior953315d ago

Hmmm 7.5 for the game, the series comes out in the UK on the 13th so I hope that goes well :)

Black-Rock-Shooter3314d ago

Awww as you could see i was really hyped by this game still getting it but at least you calmed me down so i am not that sad when it comes out.

shossofe3314d ago

I went into the game thinking it was an open world fighter. Was a bit let down but it's not bad either.