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Bakemonogatari Part 1 Review [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

Bakemonogatari is one of those Anime that seems to be more of an art statement than it is an Anime series. It’s one of THOSE series’ where, while watching it, you can instantly determine the type of person it’s aimed at. It’s odd, it’s weird, it’s majorly pervy and it’s hard to get into but it is what it is. Pretty girls and an even prettier guy fused. It’s got a crazy backstory, that you may want to look into a bit after watching the series, and a whole lot of crazy people to accompany it. It’s one of THOSE Anime for sure.

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zerocrossing2966d ago

Personally I really enjoyed Bakemonogatari, but admittedly it's not for everyone.

NukeDaHippies2966d ago

i agree it's not for every one. But i love it to bits and can't wait to see season 2 next season.

zerocrossing2966d ago

They're doing another season O.o of the anime?

deep_fried_bum_cake2966d ago

Yep, new Monogarari series coming in the summer.

zerocrossing2966d ago

Awesome! looking forward to it.