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Monster Rancher anime licensed by Discotek

Discotek Media have announced that they have licensed the entire 73 episode run of classic monster-taming anime Monster Rancher.

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koga883307d ago

This will be neat, I remember catching one or two of these episodes a very long time ago and then never seeing it again. Looks like it may be time to set aside some money for this set

futurefrog3307d ago

It was a great series that while being clearly targeted to kids it had a sense of maturity to it and it tackled mature topics such as life, death and the nature of souls. It was an incredible monster-taming anime no doubt.

F-Inglese-943307d ago


F-Inglese-943307d ago

I want this genre to be revived and it starts here! WOO!

futurefrog3307d ago

you said it best funglete

SynGamer3307d ago

This needs to be come a modern game. I think I wrote a post year ago suggesting it would be a perfect fit on the PS Vita. Using the camera on the back, players could take snapshots of QR codes and/or regular product barcodes in order to generate new and interesting monsters.

And the gameplay for the Vita itself should look quite nice on that 5" OLED can wish :P

ps3_pwns3306d ago

monster hunter anime is way better then pokemon. wish they made monster rancher games like the pokemon games. and yes monster rancher was more mature like yughio. pokemon is very kiddy not one ounce of maturity. pokemon is like powerangers mixed with barney the big purple dinosaur lol.