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Aku no Hana Not Airing This Week

Rabujoi: ''After taking a look at the manga’s more conventional art style, we can see how some of its fans would be a little upset at the very extreme change for the anime. We think it would have worked either way.

At any rate, it’s taking Golden Week off, then returning at its new time, Saturday-ish.''

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koga882961d ago

And there was much rejoicing!

coolbeans2961d ago

Haha I'm kind of tempted to see just how bad this series is. I don't think I've seen any positive reception on it here yet (from posters).

ExCest2961d ago

I didn't know how bad it was until I saw a segment of it. Oh god, I almost vomited.

It wasn't even a smooth framerate. It was choppy and lacked so much movement. Just... just plain terrible.

uuaschbaer2960d ago (Edited 2960d ago )

Things look so grim in it it could put you in a bad mood. Though from watching the first episode I get the impression that that is indeed what they were going for. Rather like some modern art (films).

I think the animators are on to something with this style and will keep watching, at least for a bit.

edit: One thing that does strike me as out of place is that the actors sometimes try to imitate anime character movements.