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Censorship In Anime — Looking Back At The Past And Why It's Ineffective

Chikorita157: ''When Idolmaster Shiny Festa got released in the United States, it’s apparent that they have removed swimsuits scenes from the game. When I heard about this, I got the idea to write about censorship in Anime since I knew about some pointless changes in the Pokémon anime. Besides the awkwardness, there are some reasons why they do this such as the differences in cultural values. However, some of the reasons why changing or censor some things is not acceptable in my opinion.''

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Hergula2653d ago

To this day, I still do not understand why censorship even exists... Even though I have read quite a lot about it, It still does not make sense to me as I always find holes in the censorship reason stories.

blitzburns42651d ago

I'm not worried. Censorship is a dying as it's no longer profitable. For example, if there was an Anime that was released censored in the U.S.- I would simply not buy it. Thanks to the internet, I can easily tell when something is censored. (Before the Internet one would never know.) Censorship is something I simply do not tolerate- on any level. As a consumer, I have the right to voice that with my wallet.