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Xseed Still “Looking Into” Senran Kagura Burst

Siliconera: ''Earlier today, Xseed announced that they have been rebranded as Marvelous USA and will be overseeing all U.S. operations of their parent company, Marvelous AQL. Additionally, Marvelous have also acquired Atlus Online, the online games division of Index Digital Media Inc. (AKA Atlus USA), and will be expanding their online and mobile games business.

Siliconera got in touch with Xseed’s Director of Publishing, Ken Berry, to ask how the rebranding would affect Xseed’s ability to publish games from Marvelous. Not all Marvelous AQL games are published by Xseed in North America. For example, Muramasa Rebirth is being published by Aksys Games. Will Xseed now have access to a wider range of Marvelous games?''

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