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Anime of the Past: Unico in the Island of Magic

oprainfall writes:

“Unico in the Island of Magic is a 1983 feature film from Sanrio and Tezuka Productions. Created by Osamu Tezuka, the prolific artist and writer behind works ranging from Astro Boy to Phoenix, Unico is a baby unicorn swept from one place to another by the West Wind, making new friends everywhere he goes. But each time he’s transported, his memories are also taken, forcing him to start over.

“The film Unico in the Island of Magic begins quite simply in this fashion, with the West Wind depositing Unico in a green forest, where he is forced to fend for himself. His first encounter in this strange new land is with Yamaneko (literally, ‘Mountain Cat’), a vicious sourpuss of a feline who hates Unico from the moment he lays eyes on him. Later, a mysterious figure appears in the forest and plays a soothing song that attracts animals from throughout. But he soon goes on the attack, attempting to use magic on those creatures he’s lured into his trap.”

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