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Senran Kagura Is The Most Embarrassing Anime I Have Ever Watched

Kotaku: ''Sexual fan service is hardly a new aspect of anime. While the most obvious are panty shots and boob bounces, few anime come without a shower scene, beach episode, or hot springs episode where the female characters—and sometimes even the male ones—are shown off in all their near-naked glory.''

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koga882646d ago

Was about to read this, but then I saw that it was written at Kotaku which immediately made their opinion completely invalid and useless.

ExCest2646d ago

Well that's not very nice to dismiss a whole group of writers based on their affiliation, even if it's a bad one.

On another note, doesn't the author mean the best anime evar to be played on picture boxes around the nation?

Simon_Brezhnev2646d ago

I have to agree with you Kotaku is just a troll site. I did drop the anime after 4 episodes. It reminded me to much like Ikki Tousen having a dumb main character,