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‘Evangelion’ Creator Hideaki Anno to voice lead in Ghibli’s ‘The Wind is Rising’

The first casting news for Studio Ghibli’s upcoming The Wind is Rising film have come to light. In a surprising yet rather exciting turn of events, Hideaki Anno, the creator of the Evangelion franchise, has been cast as the film’s lead as Jiro Horikoshi.

This will be Anno’s official voice acting debut, despite having voiced brief uncredited cameos for both FLCL and Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi. This is of course his first full-fledged role and he will be starring as the film’s protagonist and subject matter, World War II Zero fighter designer Jiro Horikoshi.

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futurefrog2653d ago

I wonder if he can voice act as good as he can direct? Or will his voice acting be a mindfuck of jibberish haha

koga882652d ago

Exactly. It's one thing if he can actually do decent voice work compared to other professionals, but if they just put him on the project hoping to pull in his fans then it'll just hurt the final product.

futurefrog2652d ago

Yeah im hoping its not something to pull in audiences and that he can actually pull it off well

Flavor2652d ago

Did anyone else read that the plot of this movie revolves around the designer of the Zero fighter before WW2.. its interesting but sounds like western (US) audiences may have trouble with it...

Subby2652d ago

I've never heard the guy speak, so this should be interesting.

KBug932652d ago

Creator and voice actor? That's one talented guy.

zerocrossing2652d ago

I'm a huge fan of the guy and his work but I've yet to of heard his voice acting skills... hopefully he's actually good and not just being used to draw a crowd.

coolasj2652d ago

What? Okay, that's weird.

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