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Final Fantasy X-2 HD May Not Be Getting “The Last Mission” Extra Contents

Gamer Syndrome: ''The latest issue of Famitsu has revealed that Square Enix is still undecided on including The Last Mission in the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X-2 since the HD version of the game will be based on the North American release which lacks all the extra contents. This news may end up confirming a rumor circulating a few weeks ago stating that Square Enix was going to sell the extra International contents as paid DLC.''

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adorie2956d ago

Throw ss a damned bone, SE and we'll throw you the money. Time be intelligent for once, during this gen, while it's still going.

nadav2956d ago

This article is so messed up:
Basically gamersyndrome just stole that article from Siliconera. If you check the original Siliconera article you'll see it was the writer of the article who wrote that maybe SE will add the extra content as DLC. SE never said anything about DLC content.