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I Want Solitude in My Teen Romantic Comedy

“That's right. I've gotten through everything alone. While all of you were arguing or consoling with each other, I was taking on everything head-on, alone. What do you think of this strength? Damn you, youth!”

"You know how many anime/manga protagonists tend to preach that friendship is the reason as to why they are so strong? More than a few. People tend to forget that it can take a lot of time in solitude for those characters to become godly in the first place. One anime series decides to put the theme of solitude into perspective. The anime series, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (or OreGairu), portrays a main character who cherishes being alone. Despite the character being a negative example of isolation, his story is a reflection of how many people in reality need to focus on “alone time” to get themselves moving forward."

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