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Top 10 Most Anticipated Anime of Summer 2013

Aniplogs: ''We're still half way this Spring to welcome the new batch of anime this summer of 2013 but anime viewers already had in mind what's their next title to watch starting July. Although most of the series this spring are going strong there's still a few contenders next season which might occupy your viewing time in case you have tight schedule. Japanese viewers rank which is the most anticipated anime this season and obviously the top spot which I have in mind ranked 1st in the list. Although it's not my favorite I'm sure that it's massive fan base secured it's top spot. Jump in to see the most anticipated anime of summer 2013 for Japanese viewers.''

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Hergula2613d ago

Several anime on that list intrigue me quite much, yet I´m still unsure on which ones to start watching.

Cid332613d ago

So i'll get no sun this summer, hmm maybe i'll wait till the are complete and watch them come this winter