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Pokemon VS Digimon-Who Will Win the Monster Battle-Fans Make Your Choice

"If you have been an anime fan for long enough you must remember these two powerhouses anime franchises. These two anime’s battled to win the hearts of the young and the old fans. Pokemon VS Digimon. Up to this very day I must admit Pokemon has won the battle with the continuation of the anime the movies as well as the games themselves. While Digimon has not made any releases of animes, video games and so on. However back in the year 2000 when the battle between these two started many fans cheered for Digimon. Both Anime’s had so much in common it seemed as thought they stole ideas from each other. Not that there is anything wrong with that. (Artist tend to learn from each other)."

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TheHergulaX2954d ago

Very enjoyable read, I applaud you for creating something like this.

Personally, I prefer Digimon, but that is most likely because I grew up seeing that on TV. Altough I recently (a couple of years ago), re-watched all the Digimon seasons, and I still like them, even now I still enjoy them a lot, which even surprised me.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2954d ago

I always thought the Digimon anime was better than Pokemon. Pokemon imo just had better games.

gunnerforlife2954d ago

ummm depends what u comparing one another with.
Origianl pokemon (up to johto) is as good as digimon, after that it just dragssssss on! the thing about digimon is that it never dragged on! it felt perfectly paced! even after season it still felt alright and didnt feel dragged.
so its a toss up of what you prefer really! Old school or new school pokemon, but Digimon stays true!