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Gundam Unicorn Coming to North America

The Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn OVAs will be having a North American home video release, thanks to Right Stuf. Four volumes will be released on DVD, each containing two epsides, except for the fourth volume, which will contain the seventh episode plus bonus features. The DVDS will feature the English and Japanese dubs, as well as English and Spanish subtitles.

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Simon_Brezhnev3603d ago

It's not like they have to do any translation. Since the real blu-rays have english dub and subtitles.

TheHergulaX3603d ago

You are absoloutly right about that.

wishingW3L3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I wonder how this series would have turned out if Kamille and Amuro were in it but... Char killed Amuro in "Char's Counter Attack" and Kamille lost his mind at the end of Zeta Gundam. Gundam used to be so dark and cool, I wish they made another Gundam series like the old ones.

I will always remember the final fight between Reccoa Londe and Emma, they literally killed each other and it blew my mind. I couldn't believe anime could be this violent and dark. Not to mention Reccoa went from being a good person to become evil out of spite and then tried to poison an entire civilization just to prove her loyalty to her new boss and lover.

Simon_Brezhnev3602d ago

Yeah might as well forget about anything being dark now. Everything got soft now tbh. Thats why a lot of my favorite animes are before the 2000s.

TheHergulaX3601d ago

I wouldn´t say that all of them have gone soft, while I do agree that, if we are talking about Gundam shows, "Gundam AGE" was definitely childish and "soft". But in general Gundam 00 and Unicorn show that the darkness and depth in Gundam shows is still there.

When it comes to anime overall, I do get your point, but that is a wide statement, as anime is so large of a market.

TheHergulaX3601d ago

I mean to include Kamille and Amuro would be great, but then the spotlight would be on them instead of Banagher. Char didn´t really kill Amuro, as Amuro is still stated to be MIA (Missing In Action), No body has yet been recovered, meaning that he could actually still be alive. To be honest though, Gundam Unicorn is doing a great job bringing the fans back to the darker Gundam series, where there isn´t much room for laughter, something I wholeheartedly appreciate.

Many Gundam anime are very deep, dark and passionate, all of them are reasons why people are attracted to the franchise.

Simon_Brezhnev3601d ago

Gundam Unicorn is good i didnt care about Gundam 00. They still got soft compared to the ones before the 2000s. You could only name like 2.

kingPoS3602d ago

DVD's? man these guys are really playing it safe eh.
'Sigh' I guess I'll have to hold on to those dual audio mp4's a little longer.