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Patlabor: The Mobile Police – The Original OVA Series Review [Capsule Computers]

Simon Wolfe of Capsule Computers writes:

"Those unfamiliar with the Patlabor series may be surprised to learn that it dates back to the bygone age of the 1980′s. The Original OVA Series presented in this release was the first release of what would become two separate timelines spanning movies, anime series, and OVAs. Interestingly, this OVA series would be the first part of Patlabor’s so called “Movie Timeline”, that would continue into a movie trilogy. But what about this OVA series itself, does it stand the test of time worthy of being revived or best left in the fleeting memories of those that saw it back in the day?"

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koga883336d ago

Considering the age of this thing, it doesn't look all that bad on Blu-ray. I've seen worse VHS upgrades than those images. Probably time to upgrade my copy to this version.