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Naruto Storm 4: Suggestions & Predictions

Ninja Alliance News: ''Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 came out a couple months ago. It is still however too early to announce the fifth game of the Storm Series, since we had some complaints about Naruto Storm 3. Naruto Storm 4 or Naruto Generations 2 might be the last game of the Storm Series, so we feel that Naruto Storm 4 or Generations 2 should have everything we need from it. Here are some things we want in the game.''

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Yi-Long2634d ago

... so I'd like them to not do that again.

Also, open-world, free-roaming, LOTSSSSssssssssss of missions, maybe introducing an extra fighting style, using a weapon (knife, shuriken, sword, etc etc) which you can switch while playing (kinda like Ninja Gaiden), giving you a completely new move-set, special moves, combos, etc.

Also, I would prefer all art-unlockables to be artwork by Kishimoto or some of the other manga artists, instead of screenshots from the cartoon.

Dynamic backgrounds would be nice during the fights. Many of them are pretty boring. I want to fight next to gorgeous waterfalls with birds flying and frogs jumping around and all that. Or in the middle of a busy Konoha, or on a gorgeous rooftop filled with stuff.

Simon_Brezhnev2633d ago

I stopped playing after storm 1 since they kept downgrading. I played storm 2 and got rid of it a week after. They are DLC milking like crazy. I wonder if you can reverse throws or ultimate jutsus in the latest storm game.

I'm with you i liked the open world free roaming storm one had.