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Original Evangelion Design Portfolio Gives us Ripped Robots, and One Unbelievable Plot Divergence

RocketNews24: ''The anime/merchandising franchise Evangelion is one of the few animated series, like One Piece or Gundam, to have achieved true cultural mainstream status in Japan. Even people who have never watched an episode of the TV series (or seen an installment of the movie, or read a chapter of the comic, or played one of the pachinko machine adaptations, or shaved with one of the Eva razors, or eaten one of the Eva burgers… like we said, franchise) can recognize its iconic characters and giant robots.''

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Archaic2946d ago

Am I the only one looking at those original designs and getting strong Tekkaman Blade (a.k.a. "Teknoman") vibes from them? Not just of the Evangelions, but also of the human characters themselves?