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Man’s Job Threatened Over Anonymous Anime-Related Blog Posts

RocketNews24: ''An anonymous internet user has shared with Japanese site News Post Seven his perhaps justified feelings of paranoia over how companies are using invasive internet searches to decide who stays and who gets the boot. We’ll refer to him simply as Mr. Nakagawa, and hope that this name change is enough to save him from his boss’s proverbial wrath.''

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deep_fried_bum_cake2945d ago

That's pretty messed up. If that were me then I would be taking the employer to court.

UnwanteDreamz2944d ago

2 things

1. This man was wrongfully terminated, at least by my states standards.
2. The internet is not a private place, and any thoughts to the contrary are ridiculous.

Archaic2942d ago

The internet may not be completely private, but if you're posting something anonymously, and have taken sufficient steps that it can't be linked to yourself by a casual glance (ie. it's only possible to link it to you by intentionally digging for it), then you do have a reasonable expectation of some degree of privacy. Certainly enough that your employer should not be taking this information and using it against you, since there's no way in hell this would have impacted on the company and/or it's reputation.

hazelamy2945d ago

surely he has some kind of legal recourse.

i don't know Japanese law, but i have to believe there are some legal protections for workers.

Subby2944d ago

Haha I love that screencap, what an awesome character she was.

chadwarden2944d ago

watching anime doesn't mean you're a perv dumb ass. There are plenty of non-scandalous anime.

Archaic2942d ago

That's an incredible breach of privacy. I don't know how the hell something like that could have been permitted. I can only assume that someone with some kind of grudge against him went fishing for dirt, and found a gold mine.