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Top 10 Most Annoying Anime Heroines

Aniplogs: ''Ranking the most irritating anime heroines in the history of anime will definitely spawn another controversial list but the results this time from Big Globe Poll is agreeable if you're going to ask me. Although it didn't cover a breadth of characters from older series, I think it thus have a fairly accurate ranking this time. The only thing that I wonder here is why Chitanda-chan of Hyouka made it into the list because she's such a sweet person.''

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ExCest2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

I find the loli (I classify it as short and flat) tsundere characters to be the most annoying.

I see Nagi there... so where's Louise?


djfullshred2946d ago

Louise may be getting a pass from fans because of the relationship with Saito. Fans were rooting for them all along, despite the annoying repetition of the same situational "jealousy/misunderstandin g comedy (got very old). But in the end with final season they finally gave the people what they want - an actual resolution with the two committing to each other. It was rather cute after all is said & done.

deep_fried_bum_cake2947d ago

While I agree with Kirino being top, I don't like the rest of this list as I like quite a lot of the characters on it and I can't see why people would find them annoying.

Simon_Brezhnev2947d ago

Yeah man i really hate Kirino and i might just drop that show this saturday if it ends up how i dont want it. LOL

djfullshred2946d ago

Season one of that show was one of the few I watched all episodes and hated every minute of it. While I am knowledgable of anime & anime culture, I am not in the least "otaku". So a show based on that kind of theme with annoying characters like this one is like fingernails scraping a chalkboard to me. I only checked out the 1st season because it was very popular, then realized, "oh it is one of 'those' shows"

Saviior952946d ago

WTF is Haruhi, Yui and Tamako doing there!

Yui us funny as, Tamako is a bit dim but lovable and Haruhi is Fun filled!


Archaic2945d ago

Meh. Don't exactly find the results of a self-selecting online poll of only 5000 people to be all that interesting, to be honest. That's decent for a targeted survey, but for where a website has just solicited people to vote? The results will always be skewed.