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K-ON! The Movie Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Every good thing must eventually come to an end and even the most popular series must come to a finish. The K-ON! anime series took the industry by storm back when the first series was released in 2009 and after releasing two successful anime series, it is time for most of the girls in After School Tea Time to graduate. However such an occasion deserves a movie of its own and now that Sentai Filmworks has brought K-ON! The Movie to North America, is this cinematic finale worth your time?"

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koga882736d ago

Nice to see that they still worked in some sort of confusion aspect with the English dub, it would be strange if the girls kept misunderstanding clear English when they themselves were speaking English just fine. It was a good series overall, but I doubt that the anime would have done as well if it had followed them all the way through college.

Subby2736d ago

I thought even the second season was a bit tiresome towards the end.

DarkIceDragon2736d ago

I'm interested in hearing what they did with the english dub. Definitely buying this.