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Cowboy Bebop Director Says Live-Action Film Is In The Works

Comic Book Movies: ''The last bit of info on the live-action effort was over two years ago, when then-attached actor Keanu Reeves essentially confirmed that the project was dead and that he'd gotten too old to play Spike. However, the latest from Shinichirō and the fact that details are still being kept a secret would seemingly indicate that the project is once again in active development. Screenwriter Peter Craig wrote a draft that was deemed very good but too expensive by 20th Century Fox, who were working very closely with Sunrise and had Shinichirō secured as a producer.''

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SynGamer2628d ago

I think Keanu Reeves could still play Spike if he got into shape for the roll. I'm struggling to think of someone with the same demeanor and attitude that could fill that roll. Here's hoping these rumors that the movie is back on are true.

crxss2628d ago

i think keanu looks the part but can't really act the part.

coolbeans2628d ago

That's what I think too.

I could never get over this performance.

djfullshred2628d ago

On one hand I say "cool!" On the other I say, "don't mess with it. It will be lame"

It would be wise to have Watanabe involved at least in some type of consulting role. It is one thing to interpret someone's vision, but quite another to get that vison directly communicated to you while you are working with them. I think style is very imporant with this one for the fans.

NarooN2627d ago

Please don't screw this up. This is also very dependent on whether or not they can match the style that the anime had, things like the characters obviously, the music -- which was an important element (the whole bebop and jazz vibe), etc. If they cast this right and get people who understand the anime well enough to adapt it, it could be very awesome.

Raf1k12627d ago

I've always thought that Cowboy Bebop would be one of the few Anime that could translate well into a Hollywood film due to western vibe in the setting.

I hope they do a good job but from past experience they'll likely change the story so it's almost unrecognisable.

Qbanj692627d ago

I thought there was already a live action rendition of this classic- it's called Firefly.