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VIDEO Preview for Rooster Teeth's Anime Style "RWBY" Hits Yellow

Crunchyroll writes: "We're down to the fourth and final character trailer for animator Monty Oum, of Final Fantasy versus Dead or Alive"Dead Fantasy" fame, and Red vs. Blue's Rooster Teeth's new anime-style project RWBY. The series will premiere at RTX, which takes place July 5-7 at the Austin Convention Center."

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SynGamer2934d ago

This is my first time hearing about this, but I must admit, color me interested.

Simon_Brezhnev2933d ago

Yeah i never heard of it myself.

ExCest2933d ago

I remember watching RWBY Red. It seems I'll look forward to all of them now.

hazelamy2933d ago

Monty's been doing some great stuff since he joined Rooster Teeth.
this has all the hallmarks of his work.
i can't wait to see the actual series, to find out what the story is and get some context for these fights.
cool as they are, they're more meaningful if you know what they're actually about.