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Class of Heroes 2 - Impression [RPGamer]

RPGamer writes: "So far I've cleared the first three dungeons. The second was only three maps long and was a straightforward path. The third was a massive, twisting nine-map dungeon with three exits that went all out showing just how cruel and interesting the simple dungeon gimmicks can be. Each dungeon has different visuals and themes and feels very consistent in that regard. The game has quickly grown on me, and I would dare to say that, yet again, I'm enjoying the latest Class of Heroes more than the latest Etrian Odyssey, at least at the start. I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't fall victim to the abrupt pacing or challenge shifts that often drag down games in the genre, and time will tell if the special spotlight that stays on Victor Ireland draws more potential fans to the series than the last entry was able to garner."

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SynGamer2623d ago

Game comes out Tuesday (June 4th), looking forward to getting my code and downloading this. The previews I've read so far have been quite positive.