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Games Square Enix Should Be Making

Square Enix is in a bit of a slump. Sure, they have been pumping out games on a steady basis, but they have almost all been forgettable flops. The release of Tomb Raider in March of 2013 was a decent success selling 3.5 million copies, but Square Enix expected to sell 5 million copies. Even their flagship series Final Fantasy has been disappointment out of disappointment. However, if Square Enix wants to get their sales back on track they do not exactly have to look far. All they have to do is take a peek at their back catalog for inspiration.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx2623d ago

The handheld KH games arent "crappy side stories". Birth by Sleep is a pre-quel and KH3D is a set up to Kingdom hearts 3.Kingdom Hearts became a much bigger series. Only one thats a crappy side story is KH:reCoded.