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Otaku Unleashes Rage Against Kirino

SeventhStyle: ''Enraged by Kirino’s unwavering disregard for everyone except herself, an otaku has become fed up with the unbelievably selfish little sister who he once admired – an otaku cuts up his memories of imouto love.''

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koga882623d ago

Haha this is nothing. I've seen a few gifs of people bayoneting their computer monitors and holding a pistol up to her picture on the monitor. Wonder if the author ever realized how much people would hate the character?

Subby2622d ago

With this and Kuroneko shot down, Team Ayase has a clear path to victory.

deep_fried_bum_cake2622d ago

Don't see that happening. Ayase thinks he's too creepy. I think the door is open for Manami or even Kuroneko again in the future (despite her actions).

Saviior952622d ago

I think this may be a little overboard, all the characters are good :)

Simon_Brezhnev2622d ago

Naw man Kirino is bad in all ways.